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Estimate the Amount You Need

The calculator below will give you a good idea of how much carpet you need. Break out the tape measure!

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Step 1: Layout area to be carpeted.
To begin, do a layout measurement of each room or area to be carpeted. Simply sketch out the shape of the room, indicating doors and other recesses, and note adjoining floor surfaces (this helps determine the carpet needed in doorways).

Step 2: Measure length and width.
Measure the length and the width and record these on your sketch. Use the calculator above by entering your length and width to obtain an estimate of your room. Record the square feet and square yards on your sketch.

Step 3: Congratulations - your estimate is complete.
We should be able to use these measurements to assist you in estimating your carpet needs. Be sure to list both measurements, since the total square footage of the room size may not correspond to the square feet (or yards) of carpet that will be used.


For example: If your room measures 10' x 14', the total square feet are 140. However, since most carpet is sold in 12-foot widths, the minimum amount of carpet needed would be 168' (12' x 14'). The two feet cut off the width of the carpet is not necessarily wasted: the excess can be used in closets or for floor mats, or saved for future repairs. (It is possible that the square footage of your room will equal the carpet required - a 9' x 12 room may be perfectly covered with a single 9' x 12' cut of carpet for a total of 108' square feet.) In other cases, a room's configuration, permanent fixtures, or even furniture layout may create special seaming requirements that affect the amount of carpet used.

Again, your sketch showing the individual measurements will allow us to estimate the amount you need and give you a good idea of what you will be spending.


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